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A special invitation to the hero of the African household... YOU, the forward-thinking African woman 

The only online summit for confident and contemporary African women who are serious about harnessing their power, profit and purpose

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The Africanfident Woman Live Virtual Summit

Date: Wednesday 4th November - Friday 6th November 2020


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African woman that lives abroad, does this sound like your typical day?

  • 6:10am: You've slept through the alarm. You wake up feeling like you didn’t sleep. As you jump in the shower you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror. Do you like what you see?

    You're already running late and your to-do list is already overflowing!
    You have to get ready. Get the kids up. Making breakfast. Pack lunches. Do th school runs. You feel frustrated and overwhelmed but you have to keeep going.

  • 9:05am: The morning commute is crazy as usual. You’re 5 minutes late for work. You join that meeting hoping your boss hasn’t noticed. The day is jam packed with meetings, work conference calls and your inbox is full.

  • 12:00pm: It’s lunchtime. You realized you forgot your lunch on the kitchen counter. You’re still behind on work so you grab a meal deal lunch from Marks and Spencers and eat at your desk

  • 2:00pm: You feel lethargic and tired. You open your draw for an unhealthy afternoon to stop you watching the clock. Your boss sends you an email asking for an ETA on that report that you haven’t even started. You’re going to have to take that work home again.

  • 4:00pm: School run and what’s for dinner. You have a choice. Takeaway or a trip to the  busy supermarket to pick a few things up.  Food shopping with kids is the worst.

  • 5.00pm: Cooking dinner with your heels on and checking homework before your husband comes home.

  • 6:00pm:  Uploading pictures to your website and posting your latest product on social media for your side hustle. As a 'Womanpreneur', securing the bag never stops.

  • 7.00pm: Exhausted, you finally sit down. You haven't done any exercise today, "I need to lose weight!" But who has time for the gym?

  • 8:00pm: Kid’s bedtime routine. You’ve hardly said two words to your spouse. It feels like your just going through the motions. You're in a relationship but still feel so alone.

  • 9.00 pm: Your phone is ringing but you have all of this work to finish off.

  • 10:00pm: Bedtime. Your husband taps you on the shoulder… "I'm too tired for sex...".

  • 11.00pm: There’s so much on your mind. So many things you didn’t do. You haven't had time to pray today? Time to sleep. It’s only Monday and tomorrow, groundhog day starts all over again.

Can you relate?

This summit will help you discover what you need to maximise your power, to increase your profit, expand your potential and draw closer to your purpose.

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The 9 Golden Principles of a High Value African Woman

Principle #1 

She is Kind-hearted 

Full of Empathy, She is rich in her relationship currency,  Relatable, she makes people feel valued, she brings out the best in people. Kind toward humanity and does not discriminate by skin colour, race, age, religion and more; respects others.

Principle #2

She lifts up other women

She is loyal. She not only lifts others with her words but with her action, she holds other accountable and encourages others, she is forgiving. Sticking together and finding solidarity together in the true sense of it.

Principle #3 

She is Open-minded and vulnerable

Being vulnerable is not seen as a weakness but strength. She is not after preserving her dignity and self respect before other whilst suffering in silence.

Principle #4 

She is a Woman of faith

She has learnt to put her trust and hope in God at all times. God is at the centre of her life. She truly fears the Lord. 

Principle #5 

She is Optimistic and positive

She is solution oriented, At her core is are ways to make herself and things around her better. Has a growth mindset, she does not stay stagnant. 

Principle #6 

She is Emotionally stable  

She does not allow her emotion rule or control her. 

Principle #7 

She takes care of her physical and mental health  

She is conscious of her health, what she eats,  put an extra effort into her appearance, strives to take care of her health. Cares for herself and keeps herself healthy so she can take care of others. 

Principle #8 

She is Disciplined and has self-control  

Self responsibility, takes responsibility for the tasks ahead and acts responsibly. 

Principle #9 

She has a positive attitude about sex  

She has a positive, healthy mindset and attitude about sex and sexuality. She loves herself as a woman and really understands what it means to be a woman - She is happy to be a feminine expression of humanity. 
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The Africanfident Woman Summit









Wednesday 4th November - Friday 6th November 2020 from 12:00pm

Your Speakers

Vivian Ikem

NLP Certified Life Coach and John Maxwell Team Leadership Coach, Speaker and Teacher 

Adaeze Chiwoko

Marriage & Relationship Coach, BBC Radio presenter, Wife and Mother of 3

Dinma Nwobi

Creator, The Architecture of Intentional Happiness

Linda Bello

Family Practice GP and Children’s Safeguarding Lead 

Mimi Ajala

Speaker of the Word andis the Founding President of Mimi Ajala Ministries


Omon Imohi

Multiple Award-winning NHS Family physician and a Transformational Speaker. 

Tobi Awoyemi

Founder of "Excel Woman" Biblical Principles & Practical Business Strategist

Bukola Adisa

Risk and Controls Executive and Founder/CEO of Career Masterclass 

Caroline Onyedinma

Business and Marketing Coach to 6 and 7-Figure Entrepreneurs

Kubi Springer

Award-winning Brand Specialist and Media Personality

Bola Latinwo

Barrister and Afro-Caribbean Legal Safeguarding Expert

Aisha Yesufu

Active Nigerian citizen

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Our Speakers Have Been Featured In...

Bokun Imoukhuede

Purpose Development Coach for Women of African Heritage

Bokun Imoukhuede is a leading voice in the advocacy of personal development for Women of African Heritage. Bokun Inspires, empowers and educate mums of African heritage on how to rediscover their true and authentic self. She believes in  the woman making herself a priority and living a life beyond the labels of motherhood, marriage, culture or skin colour so that she can truly rediscover herself as a complete woman that she was designed to be.


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